About hunting adventure

Now you can experience fly fishing tour into the arctic fly-fishing camp on the middle of the arctic mountain plateau. The fly fishing tour is a three day adventure for people fly fishers who search for unique experiences in North Norway. We will be fishing for arctic char up to 5kg in size.

This is exclusively for anglers who do catch and release fishing, these lakes are guarded by the Saami people of North Norway.

The fly fishing tour

Our guides will fetch you from Tromsø city with car and drive you to our start point. We will fish in fresh water lakes. From the start point we eat some barbeque food before we start towards our lakes. At the lakes we have a camp with outdoor toilet and sleeping tent for 10 people. We can also set smaller tents for people who want some privacy. When we arrive the lake we start fishing right the way, whilst some of our guides prepare the camp for the night. Our package works on a catch and release basis; however, we do take fish for eating during our trips. What you catch the first day will be dinner. You can spend as much time as you like fishing today and return to the camp at any time for a few hours rest, although many of our guests find the lure of fish greater than the need to sleep. This is fishing in north norway.

The second day we enjoy breakfast together. The guides will prepare tasty mountain lunch that will ensure you have energy enough for full day fishing, because to day you will need all your strength. After choosing your spot your start fishing and luring the giant. Whilst you´re fishing the guides will boil coffee and tea on open fire, so you will have warm drink and available energy the whole day. The lunch, dinner and evening food is served in the camp.

The third day we will do a marathon by fishing 4 quality lakes in one day. The lakes are close to each other and we will fish few hours in each of them. Fish in the fresh water lakes are often easy to catch, but the largest char are not easy to land and you really need to use your knowledge to be able to catch those giants. After a day with fish in fresh water lakes, we return to our car and drive towards Tromsø.