Reisa river salmon fishing


Fishing in Reisa river is well known all over the world and we happen to live few hundred meters from the river. It happens we go fishing for salmon so we can take it to the mountain later. The fastest meal were once we went down to the river late in august and I told the others that if I did not catch anything within 3 casts I would go home same moment. It was a cold and wet day, no mosquitos and no fishermen at the river. I threw my lure out, a floating wobbler, I let it float downwards the stream 100 meters. Then i started to take it in towards the stream, making it dive from time to time, and when it was ten meters from me the wobbler suddenly disappear with a snatch.


It was a 2,8kg salmon and it taste fantastic. I also went home after that cast, after all I got what I came for.

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