About tundra adventure


Our adventures take you on a journey through the arctic as we see it, making it easy to understand why the Sami love and respect our landscape. The tundra adventure gives you the opportunity to exchange your daily routine for a way of life, which revolves around nature, cooperation and above all, the great outdoors.

Crossing the arctic

As seen on the Channel Five’s programme «Living on the edge» by Chris Terrill, our adventure is about living on the tundra and herding reindeers. In this adventure we will cross the arctic mountain plateau, so you can experience the harsh arctic in a comfortable and safe way.

Ice fishing

On the mountains we use the resources we have available and fish is one of them. We drill holes on ice and fish for arctic char. The fish we catch we will make for dinner, it´s the healthiest meal you have ever tasted and it tastes amazing.


Skiing and snowshoeing

Daily we go skeeing and snowshoeing to see the nature, catch some food and enjoying what the nature has to offer. We don´t go climbing mountains and doing heavy tours, because this trip is also for children.


Accommodation – our stay in the Arctic

The first night on the trip we stay in Reisa valley in a cabin with electricity and water, but next morning we start into the arctic wilderness with snowmobiles.

The second night we stay on the middle of the mountain in a cottage where we use candle as light source and wood stove as heat source.

The third and fourth night we stay in Kautokeino, the city of the Sami, in our modern wilderness cabin. Then again we have water, electricity and other modern stuff available.

Practical information

  • We recommend warm arctic clothing as the temperature can drop to -15 during the winter. We have extra outdoor clothing available if required, but please come prepared with warm clothing, shoes, hats, gloves etc.
  • We recommend many layers with wool underwear, socks, pants etc.
  • All daily meals and drinks are included in this package.
  • Our minimum group size is 4 people.

Price NOK 8 900, – p.p.

* Price includes five full day guides, all meals and drinks, accommodation, all activities, transport from/to Sørkjosen airport and all camp equipment. Min. 4 persons.